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Removable HD Case (For X5)

To download the video files by removable hard case is very convenient. Most of Streamax customers download the video files manually by this way.
To support more times “PUSH AND PULL”, Streamax MDVR X5 hard disk case adopts the military connector which can support maximum 5000 times “PUSH AND PULL” and the coppered pins can connect the MDVR device strongly to avoid loose after long time usage under the vibration working condition.
The special screw (we say captive screws) can keep the hard disk from slipping when the customer reverse the MDVR and unlock the hard disk case. Many customers they often forget that the hard disk is not locked. If he reverses the MDVR, the hard disk case will fall and will be damaged without the protection of captive screw.

Removable HD CaseFeatures
-Supports 2.5″ SATA hard disk
-100% metal material
-USB 2.0 download speed