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Inertia Sensor

Inertia Sensor is an electronic device which is able to measure vehicle environmental temperature, accelerated speed during driving. It collects mobile device (MDVR) environment temperature through internal temperature sensor. When temperature is higher than the threshold configured, the MDVR system will trigger temperature alarm. If 3G is connected this alarm can be reported to CMS (Central Monitoring System). Based on the measured accelerated speed, it is able to simulate the driving condition such as car crashing, leaning, movement and vibration etc. Likewise, once the value is beyond the value configured on MDVR GUI, the MDVR system will trigger alarm and this alarm can be reported to CMS as well if 3G is applied.

Inertia SensorFeatures
- Measures the acceleration from X/Y/Z 3 directions
- Rapid response, instantly acquire accelerated speed
- High sensitivity
- High reliability
- Excellent deviation stability
- Low power consumption
- Rugged design, solid structure, advanced shockproof