1-844-800-MDVR (6387)

IP Camera C6010E


C6010E is an IP camera specially developed for mobile high-definition monitoring, using high-speed processor and embedded operating system, combining with the most advanced video compression/decompression technology (H. 264) in IT field, which achieves three formats of network coding: 720P, VGA and QVGA. C6010E features with lightweight design, flexible installation and convenient maintenance, etc.

IP Camera C6010EFeatures

1) HD millions of pixels, wide dynamic range.

2) Three-dimensional direction fixed for horizontal, vertical and side installation.

3) Support power supply of DC12V and POE.

4) Waterproof level: IP66.

5) Vandal resistant and tamper resistant structure design.


1) Support three formats of video coding: 720P, VGA and QVGA.

2) Unidirectional network audio.

3) Use H.264 audio and video coding standard.

4) Support multiple network protocols.

5) Support video alarming; support mirroring, flipping.